Wednesday, December 31, 2008

good bye 2008

2008 gone by real quick. Alot happen in the studio! There is the new sewing class in the summer, it was really fun, and all the girl love it. The birthday party was sometime new we try too, its the first time we do this and let just say I have to think about if i will do this again or not. There is the Monster contest, it was really fun and for sure we will be doing more contest in the year to come. An then there is the construction outside of the studio, it took forever! It create a big headache for me and the studio is so messy and dusty. Its pretty much done now, hopefully that's all for construction.
Well, this is the end of 2008 and lets roll the credits! I can not do all this on my own.
Thanks alot for all the people who help me out. Picture under: Dawn, Amy, April, Janice, Candy and Elizabeth. and not in the picture, Lyndon. Also thanks you for Vivian and Jessica, they are no longer with the studio, but they were a big part of the studio.

Special thanks to Candy as she will be leaving us for a while. She will be doing some study in the State. She will be miss and hopefully she find what she want there.


  1. Constructions done, isn't it?

  2. Yeah its done... but it look really bad.... o well.