Sunday, February 8, 2009


Finally took them out of the box and shot some photos. They are Hot Toys Bank robber Joker and Dark knight version Batman. They are not cheap.. AT ALL, but they are well worth it! They make all my other figures look like Fisher Price!! I think i am addicted to Hot Toys now... Iron man is already on its way! I will stop typing and let the photo speak for themself. :)


  1. Sure awesomeness!!

    I would love to get those 2 if I had extra money but can't because BAndai keeps milking my money on their Gundam lines.

  2. Cool! Great haul man. Nice photo shooting too. :)

  3. yeah, the detai is scarey

    @ symbiotes021, Bandai got its fair share of money from me already :) You should see all the boxes of Gundam waiting to be build..

  4. Wow, you're into Gundam as well?

    You must build them and post them here!!