Friday, April 3, 2009

10 Secrets in 10 days (01)

Here we go again, another 10 drawing in 10 days!! This time, we drew "Secret". Its a tough tough topic to draw. Everyone had to use more creative juice than before and they came out very interesting and all different from each other!
So here's our secrets!!


  1. I drew this one.

    Yes yes, i know, its creepy....

    It done in photoshop, illustrator, and marker and pencil.

    I have creepy and weird

  2. So you ARE a crazy Asian multitasking octopus!

    I knew it. ;D

  3. Nice red colour emphasize in the black & white tone art. Good job man. :)

  4. Thanks guys.
    haha, Arkon, yes i am a crazy asian multitasking octopus, and coffee is the only thing that keep me from turing into my ture form!!

    Thats why I drink coffee. Now you know my secret, i guess i have to kill yo now. hahaahha.