Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Bats in 10 days (05)


  1. I drew this.
    It was interesting. Do you see one bat, two bats, or maybe three bats? or something totally different?

    This is not easy to draw, Its done by squeezing paint on a piece of paper and foldingit in half. I think i use at least 50 papers!

    well, i got to say, it was 2 different drawings. When i try to put the 2 bats together on the same page, something just show up in the middle. A little of photoshop paint is added to contect the 2 on both side. not a lot, just a couple drops. :)
    maybe i will post up the 2 seprate bats in another post.

  2. I see...a face. :P