Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monster contest 2008 winners!

Below is all the winners for the monster contest.

Contestant are put into 3 groups :
  • group A / age 4-7,
  • group B / age 8-12
  • group C / age 13-16

There are alot of enteries, over 150 of them! They are all very creative and nice. It was really tough to judge.....

Thanks for all the judges : Candy, Amy, Janice and Dawn. Good thing we didnt break out in fight, it was really close at one point. lol

So enjoy all the monster and you can find 30 more monsters that didnt make it into the top three here:


  1. I always love to see the kids drawings. Their imagination is far creative and interesting than the adults. I love those drawings.

  2. kids=bigger imaginations, no?

    wow, over 150. :O