Friday, November 21, 2008

Trapped !!

Right now, they are doing some construction work outside of the studio, due to it, the passage leading to the studio is closed to traffic. It suck, it look like i am trapped inside and i am close for business. Well, i am not! I am still OPEN! They put a door on both side for people to come in and out. But it does created ALOT confusion for all people already. They said it will take them about 2 week, let's hope it does take longer than that. :(

Why are they closing the passthru? well, they have to do some construction around the studio and it get too cold for them to work outside. So they close it off and heat it up by putting heater on both side of the passthru. This also worry me, the heater is power by propane (as you can see on the last photo...) With them heating that thing indoor, will the carbon monoxide kill you? or at least do some brain damage to you. Hopefully by the end of the week, everyone wont just drop dead in the studio....

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  1. Ventilation is a wonderful thing. :P