Saturday, July 4, 2009

10 Turtles in 10 days (13)


  1. I drew this one. pencil sketch with abit of photoshop colouring.

    yea.. I saw Tranformers 2 last nite..I hate it.. wasted my time.

    I never knew robot can fart, and talk like Sponge Bob. But I am a sucker for robot, so I will give it 1 star... out of 10. Worst moive of the year. I just cannot stand Sam's parent. lol. The whole moive look like a long US Military ad.

    I can go on all days on this.. but i will stop now. Sorry if you think Tranformer 2 is the best moive of the year. The effect are really good, the best specail effect I ever seem. but I still hate it.

    one more turtle and they are done!!

  2. Hmm...side effect after saw TF2, huh? I haven't saw the movie yet but frankly speaking, i also don't like the movie version robot design. Classic is gold. TF1 is quite good to me, since Megan is hot plus i love CG effect, guess TF2 will rate quite high marks in my heart. :P

  3. Starscream looked terrible in the movie, which is pretty much all I have to say.

  4. dont even let me start on Starscream and Jetfire...

  5. Well I guess you can't help it with Starscream since he was already in the first movie, but still the design's so screwed up compared to shows/toys/comics/etc.