Saturday, July 4, 2009

10 Turtles in 10 days (14!)


  1. I also drew this.

    It was paint by using my thumb! I just put paint on my fingers and make fingers print. After I just add head and feet to the shell.

    Finger paint is fun :)

    So this is it for the turtle.
    We will do this 10 drawing in 10 days again later. Hope you like all the turtles we did.

  2. Huh?! Thumb also can paint nice thing! This is really a nice method. Thanks for sharing, bro. :)

  3. use ur toes andrew. ew D:


  4. sure, Dawn, thats make a toe painting class, where EVERY student have to paint with their toes. lol, you too.
    we will paint toe turtle!