Sunday, July 19, 2009

One loooong painting!

Today I help my church to paint a long murals. I do this every year. It was really big and long, and i have to finish it in 2 hours. Of course i am not the only one working on it. There were 30 kids and volunteers. It was crazy having 40 peoples working on it, but it was fun and it turn out better than I expect. :)

This is the 3 wooden board we will be painting on. Its huge!!!! Took me a whole our to sketch the outline of the painting on it. I actually got tired walking around it.
Painting time, I didn't really take picture while we paint, because I don't have a camera, (as you can see these are from my cell phone) and I was busy painting away. This kids in the photo is my youngest student!! He is only 2 and he is my nephew! Well, not really my student... but i do draw with him alot, he just like seeing me draw. This is him painting away and making a mess.

Two hours later and its finished!! My nephew is there just for size comparison. (I think he was looking for the piece that he painted.) Overall, I enjoy doing this and all the kids had fun doing it.

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  1. Wow! I like the mural painting. So you are a Christian, brother. Praise to Lord, you guys had did a good job. :)